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Referencing with Microsoft Word (Updated 25.09.17)

We may all know Microsoft Word as a graphical word processor but how many are aware that the software includes referencing tools? 
Whether you are writing an essay or dissertation you are likely to encounter stages of brainstorming, drafting, researching, and referencing which sometimes can be unmanageable.
With Microsoft Word (2010 onward) reference feature we are presented with a good productivity tool to manage citations and bibliography.

Download additional referencing style
If your version of Microsoft Word is 2007, 2011 or 2013 you may notice that the default reference styles does not include all the popular styles such as Harvard, therefore you have to add this style into Word yourself.

1. Click here to download the file, which contains 22 additional referencing styles including Harvard:

2. Extract the files contained in the zip file on your computer after which you can either copy all the styles or if you just want the Harvard style copy the Anglia or Exeter Harvard file.

3. Please ensure Microsoft Word is not currently open before you carry out the next step.
Next you will need to paste the file(s) copied from the extracted zipped zip file to the style folder in Word. To locate the style folder depends on which version of Word you have installed on your computer. Open file explorer or my computer to find the relevant folder:

Office 2007 on Windows 32bit:
Your Computer→ Disk C → Program Files → Microsoft Office → Office12 → Bibliography → Style
Office 2007 on Windows 64bit:
Your Computer→ Disk C → Program Files (x86) → Microsoft Office → Office12 → Bibliography → Style
Office 2010 on Windows 32bit:
Your Computer → Disk C → Program Files → Microsoft Office → Office14 → Bibliography → Style
Office 2010 on Windows 64bit:
Your Computer → Disk C → Program Files (x86) → Microsoft Office → Office14 → Bibliography → Style
Office 2015:
Your Computer → Disk C: → Program Files x86→ Microsoft Office → Office 12 → Bibliography → Style
Office 2016
not possible to add Harvard referencing to Word 2016

If you are a Mac user please follow this guide to add your additional referencing style.

Create a citation and source

Before you start creating your bibliography you will need to at least have one citation or source in your document which will appear in your bibliography.

1. Within your Word document click the References tab and then select the referencing style you wish to use for citations and sources from the Style drop down menu (located in the Citations & Bibliography group):
2. Click at the end of the sentence or phrase that you wish to cite and then from the References tab click Insert Citation:
Clicking the Insert Citation will provide you with two options to either Add new Source or Add New place placeholder.

4. Click Add a new source and fill in all the relevant fields for the source, for example:

Click ok to finish entering your resource. Continue repeating the process for the remaining resources you wish to use for your document.

5. If you wish to create a citation for that you do not have all the required information you can choose to Add new placeholder from the Insert Citation option and enter a tag name for the source so you can locate it later:

Within the document the following will appear for the above example:

6. Once you have obtained all the information for the source you can update the details by clicking the Manage Sources:
7. Select the placeholder (question mark next to the tag name) from the Current List and click the Edit button:
8. Update the fields for the source necessary and click the Show All Bibliography Fields (bottom left) check box to additional information about a source. Click OK button to finish:

Create your bibliography

Now you have added your sources you can now create your bibliography in your document.
1. Navigate and click the point in the document where you intend to insert the bibliography (usually at the end of the document).

2. Click the Bibliography option (found under References tab) and select the bibliography style that you would like inserted in the document:

3. Your bibliography is now inserted in your desired location. If you add further sources to your document you will need to manually update your bibliography. Simply click anywhere in the bibliography section and click the Update Citations and Bibliography option:

Manage your sources

Review, add, edit and delete references from Manage Sources (under the References tab):

This displays all the references contained in your document, in addition to this you can: 

- Search through your references
- Sort your references
- Copy references into another document using the Master List option
- Delete references you no longer need
- Edit existing references
- Create a new reference

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