Monday, 25 July 2016

Embed a Google Doc or editable spreadsheet to a Moodle course

Google Docs is a widely used service for managing documents online. This guide will show you how you can easily embed your Google document or spreadsheets into Moodle by obtaining the HTML embed codes allowing users to view real time edits by other users or make their own additions (spreadsheet).

Navigate to Google Docs
If you are already logged into your Gmail click on the Google Apps icon situated in the top right corner (see below) otherwise navigate to

Within Google Drive open the desired document and then click File (top left corner) and Publish to the web…:

Click the Publish button:

Click OK when you see the pop up message:

Click on the Embed tab and then copy the HTML code:

Google Drive
It is also possible to obtain the embed code from a document viewing directly from Google Drive (

For example, a PDF from Google Drive, right-click the document and click Share.

Make it public by clicking Get shareable link from the pop up window:

You will need to make your Google Docs file public otherwise if it set to private, you will be the only one who can view it. To change your privacy setting click on Anyone at xxxx with the link can view:

Click on More…

Select either Anyone with the link or Public on the web. If you intend to insert an editable Spreadsheet in your Moodle course then ensure that you change the Access option to Can edit then click the Save button to finish:

From Google Drive double click the shared document, which should open up a preview. Click the pop-out button from the menu bar situated along the top of the preview:

Click Embed item from the options menu (vertical bar with three dots).

Copy the code and paste the HTML code into your Moodle course or website

To embed a spreadsheet from Google Docs, open the spreadsheet you want to embed and under the File menu select Publish to the Web.

Click the Publish button:

Then click the Embed tab and copy the HTML code to your Moodle course:

The editable Google spreadsheet will now allow students to enter data to view changes in real time.

Presentation Slides
To embed Presentation slides into your Moodle course, open the presentation and as before click File and from the options select Publish to the Web… then click the Publish button.

Click the Embed tab. Before copying the HTML code amend any of the available options to control the size and speed of the slides as necessary:

Google Forms
To embed a Form, open the form and the from the File menu select Embed:

Then copy the HTML embed code into your Moodle course:

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