Monday, 1 June 2015

Socrative – create engaging classrooms through educational exercises and games

This week’s tool of the week is Socrative which free web and mobile application that provides a student response system by empowering teachers to create an engaging classroom through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
Socrative offers a variety of activities that can be created including multiple choice, true/false questions and short answer. Each activity can be completed to include student names to allow for progress to be measured, alternatively answers can be anonymous.
Once an activity has been created students login to a virtual room using a unique code provided by the teacher.
Live result scores are provided to teachers so they can monitor how students are progressing instantly.

1. Create a Socrative account
Navigate to and click on the Get a free account button in the top right corner.

If you have a Google+ account then click the red Sign in with Google button otherwise click on the Get a FREE account directly under the button.
2. Create your profile
Once you have logged into Socrative you will automatically be taken to the profile screen. Enter your details and then click on the Submit button towards the bottom of the screen.

3. Create a quiz
You will then be taken to the homepage where you have one of four activities that you can create:
Start a quiz - if you already have you quiz questions select this option.
Quick question - ask a question casually without much need for preparation.
Space race - gamify your quiz with a space theme .

Exit ticket - a short set of questions to check student understanding at the end of a session. 

This blog will show you how to create a quiz using Socrative. Start by clicking the Start a quiz button and then click Create one! Button in the next screen:

Give the quiz a name, select whether you wish to share the quiz and add tag(s) to help it make it easier to search for quizzes in the future.

4. Add questions to the quiz
For this example I have selected Multiple Choice Question. Insert the question in the top text box and then enter the number of options you wish to provide for the question. Ensure that you click the check box on the right of the options to indicate the correct answer(s).

You can add an explanation and image to assist the students understanding by providing further information about the answer.
To add more questions to your quiz select the one of the three types towards the bottom of the screen. Please note that you are not restricted to use the same type of question throughout the quiz so if you want you can use a mix of multiple choice and true or false if you want.

5. Save and finish

Once you have added all your questions to your quiz click the Save & exit button (top right hand of the screen).

The newly created quiz will now be listed in your Quizzes screen. Click on the title of the quiz to see options (Duplicate, Delete, Download and Exit).

6. Manage Quizzes
To view more options for quizzes click on the Manage Quizzes:
Create Quiz –
Design a new activity
Import Quiz - Import other teachers’ quizzes using a SOC#
My Quizzes – View all the quizzes you have created or imported.
Reports – Display the reports from all the previous activities.

7. Start the Quiz
From the Manage Quizzes tab select the quiz you wish to start:

Select the type of quiz you wish to start from three options:
Student Paced – Immediate Feedback – where students are informed instantly whether they have answered correctly or incorrectly.
Student Paced – Student Navigation
– allows the student to edit or skip questions and come back to them. Once they have answered all the questions they click on a submit button to confirm they are happy with their answers.
Teacher Paced – The teacher controls the flow of the quiz. Questions can be skipped or revisited. 
From the Additional Settings amend the following settings as necessary:
Disable Student Names – if enabled you will get anonymous answers.
Randomize Question Order - questions appear in a random order for each student
Randomize Answer Order - answers appear in a random order for each student
Disable Student Feedback – students will not be informed if they answered correctly or not during the quiz.

7. Student view
Inform students to navigate to and the supply them with the Teacher’s Room Code which can be found from the Socrative landing page (code situated towards the top).

This is the view the students will be able to see once the quiz has been started by the teacher:

Students will see the following message until all the remaining students have joined and the teacher has started quiz:
If immediate feedback has been enabled then students are given instant notification on whether they answered correctly or incorrectly like so: 

If the Student Paced – Student Navigation option was selected then the student will be presented with Next and Previous buttons to move between the questions. Once they are content with their answers they simply click the Finish Quiz button to submit their answers.
If the Teacher Paced option was selected then the student would have to wait until the teacher has clicked to start the next question:
Here is the view of the teacher which will indicate how many students from the class have made an attempt. By clicking the Show explanation the teacher has the ability to provide more information about the correct answer or they can click the Next button to move to the next question.
8. Quiz Results
From the Live Results tab the teacher has the ability to view the which questions students have attempted and how they performed as they submit their attempts.
To finish the quiz click the Finish button.
Once you have finished a quiz you are then presented with three options:
Get Reports - obtain a performance report of the quiz
View chart – this will return you the Live Results tab
To Dashboard -  return to the landing page
If you select Get Reports taken to the Reports drawer where you can select how you wish to save/view the report. 

Final thoughts
Socrative offers an ideal solution to obtain instant student input via quizzes to test student understanding whilst putting fun into assessment process.
The interface and the quiz creation are simple and easy to use as well as the reporting tool which can be easily opened by Excel or imported into Google Docs.

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