Monday, 20 April 2015

Page2RSS – Create RSS feeds for any website

Have you ever come across a webpage that you wanted daily updates of new content that has been added in the form of a RSS feed only to find out that they do not have any dedicated feed to subscribe to?

Before I continue this blog let’s clarify what an RSS feed is and why you would use one. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is often described as a news feed that you subscribe to receive regular updates of your favourite websites.
Prior to the advent of RSS people would have kept track of updates for website by bookmarking the page in the web browser and then manually returning to the page on a regular basis to view the new updates. There are a number of problems with this method which include that the reader has to do manually check for updates, updates can be missed if you forget to visit the website and time is wasted visiting sites that have not had regular updates.
RSS feeds basically tell you every time a website has had a new update, in some ways similar to a magazine subscription in that you receive periodical updates of new content however instead of physical copy of the content it is delivered to your RSS reader every time your favourite website is updated.

No imagine you come across a website and you want to subscribe to the RSS feed only to find that this service is not available. So what do you do? Well this brings us conveniently to the tool of the week is which provides a service that produces a RSS feed websites that do not publish feeds. It works by checking the pages regularly to find any changes in the webpage and when it comes across any updates this is pushed through to the RSS feed to display the new information in the feed reader.

For example you may want to know when the next article has been published on the geek Feminism site ( however rather than having to check every day on the website or sign up via email you can use page2rss to create a RSS feed so when a new event has been published you will be updated on your RSS feed.

1. To start off you navigate to the

2. Paste the web address for the site you wish to receive updates for and then click the to RSS button:

3. You will then be presented with a link for the website, when Page2rss last checked the site and when there were changes made to the site. 
On this page you will also notice that you have a number of options that you can use to Subscribe to the including Feedly (click here to read blog), The Old Reader, My Yahoo, Netvibes and Twitter:

You can either copy and paste the hyperlink entitled this link or RSS (see above) into to your RSS feed read or click the link and then select Subscribe Now to active Live Bookmark feeds of new updates.

Page2RSS also offer the ability to push RSS feeds to your Twitter account, simply click the Twitter link (see above) and you will be redirected to the authorisation screen where you enter your Twitter account credentials so Page2RSS is able to post updates via Twitter.

Page2RSS is also available as a plugin for Chrome which works well as it seamlessly integrates itself into the browser and monitors for RSS feeds for the current page being viewed. If no feeds are detected for the page then a Page2RSS icon in the address bar will appear and by clicking the icon will offer a number of ways to quickly subscribe for updates.

Final thoughts

Page2RSS offers a simple but effective solution for anyone who wishes to receives regular updates for their favourite webpage. The additional options to link with Twitter and add a plugin into Chrome offer advanced options which will please those looking for something beyond the basics.

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  1. No offense but this page looks like from 90s :-) I'm using for making RSS feed from any web. You can select any element and if it's clickable it's also preserving URL in the RSS feed. Drawback is that you need to register to use it.

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