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PaperRater - Simple and Free Content Analysis

There are various websites that over both free and paid for service that will check your content online. This week I came across a free web-based service called PaperRater, which is a worthy tool to use for online content proofreading. As well as spell checking PaperRater also checks the content quality:

  • Grammar
  • Online proofreading
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Writing suggestions
  • Title validation
  • Online vocabulary builder
  • Detailed report on content quality
PaperRater works by scanning your content for errors after which a report is produced highlighting what needs to be modified by providing suggestions. Depending on the length of your material various tools will be available for you to see how you can fix the text.

PaperRater offers three main tools for checking your text:

Analyse your text -

Once you have navigated to, click the Use Now FREE! button from the home page:  

To start copy and paste the material you wish to PaperRater to analyse into the text box under Anlayze Your Paper heading. Things to remember when copying over content are that only text will be copied into the text box and the longer the text the longer it will take for PaperRate to produce the report.

You are then provided with a number of options before you start the analysis. The first option which is also the only mandatory option you must specify is that you are required to state the author’s writing level for the material.

The following options offered to you are all optional:

The second option allows you to provide an indication of the type of material that you having checked by PaperRater.

The third option allows you to request whether or not you would like the analysis to include plagiarism detection in the report.

The final option allows you to specify if the material is in British or American English

After you have made your selections click the check box I have read and agree to the terms of use and then click the Get Report.

The report -

Once the analysis has been completed there will be coloured highlights in the body of the text which correspond to the type of correction that PaperRater has identified it is.

By clicking the highlighted word(s) within the text box provides you a quick way to see suggested corrections to your material.

Alternatively you can use the various tools that PaperRater offers which are situated on the right hand side. Once the analysis has been completed each tool will display a number in brackets the number of items that require your attention or the rating that PaperRater has graded your material.

In the example below PaperRater successfully detected that some of the content matched content from sites such as iTunes as they employed similar words to describe the app that I was reviewing in my blog. Although this is a useful tool to check for plagiarism quickly I would highlight that it is very basic and not as sophisticated as Turnitin where you can do a side by side comparison for example. 
However PaperRater does offer an ‘improved plagiarism detection’ for their premium service. 

As well as PaperRater functioning as a proofreading tool it also works as a writing aid through the tools such as word choice and vocabulary words, which attempt to explain why you should amend specific parts of your content. 

Where Next provides some useful links to various sources that you can use to further improve writing skills.

PaperRater produces the reports within the website’s browser therefore it cannot be downloaded or shared however users can obtain a printable summary report.

Final thoughts -

Overall I found PaperRater is an easy to use proofreading tool as the interface is self-explanatory and the analysis of the material was fairly quick. It also provides insightful information about the content. I would use the tool as a quick checker of my material rather than the sole tool to carry out any plagiarism, spelling and grammar checks.

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