Monday, 30 March 2015

ClustrMaps - compact visitor hit counter widget and geotracking tool

ClustrMaps is a popular widget which is often employed by websites and blogs to track the location and time of access of visitors. The widget is not intrusive in that it does not use cookies so no personally identifiable information is recorded, only approximate (city level) locations from a visitor's IP address.

Create a ClustrMaps
1. Navigate to and create an account using the options in top right hand side by inserting your blog or website address along with your email address. Then click the Make my map button to trigger the Activate your account email.

2. Once you have activated your account you will receive Your first email, navigate to (link provided in the email) and use the login credentials emailed to you then click the Log in button.

You are then taken to the landing page for ClustrMaps where you can change your personal detail or password.

3. The first tab entitled HTML code displays the HTML code for the ClustrMaps associated with your URL, which you can use to create a widget on your blog or website. Start by selecting a style for your ClustrMaps and then copying the HTML code.


4. For this example I will use Google’s Blogger to demonstrate how you can insert a ClustrMaps into your blog.
Once logged into Blogger select Layout from the left hand set of options.

You will then see the layout of your blog page, click on Add a Gadget on where you would like the ClustrMaps to be situated on the page.

From the list in the new pop up window scroll down and select HTML/JavaScript option.

Another pop up window will appear where you need to give your new HTML block a title and then paste the HTML code you copied earlier into the content box and click the Save button.

You will now see a new block has appeared in your blog page layout and if you are happy with the placement of the block click the Save arrangement button (top right).

The ClustrMaps widget will now be live on your Blogger page and dots will start appear after 24 hours on the map.

By clicking on the map you can view more detailed information about when and where specifically your visitors are from:

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