Monday, 23 February 2015 - create curated online newspapers from socially shared content allows users to create curated online newspapers drawing content from Facebook, Google+, Twitter, RSS feeds and YouTube. Once content has been added from various sources to create the paper the user can edit the settings of the paper, such as set publishing schedule, edit layout and appearance, add widgets etc. The online newspaper is then updated depending on the frequency set by the user.

Create curated online newspaper
1) Once you have signed up to using either your Facebook or Twitter account Enter the title for your paper and then click the Next button.

2) Search for content from various sources, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, RSS feeds and YouTube to add to your paper. 

In the example below I have searched for content related to Moodle. Content can be added to your newspaper by clicking on the + (green plus) icon.

3) Click on the Create my paper button once you have added the content sources.

4) After you have published your paper you can edit settings. To edit settings, click on the gear button on the top right corner.

When you click the Edit button you will notice each block will have some additional options which will allow you to reposition the block, make it your featured article, delete or block and future content from the individual or site.

5) Under the Global settings you can edit basic settings such as Title of paper, Subtitle of paper and Editor’s note for your paper.

Publishing Schedule

To set the frequency of how often your newspaper updates its content click on Publishing Schedule.
  • Update frequency – set to twice daily, daily or weekly.
  • Time – specify the time you would like your paper to be updated.
  • Timezone – Select the relevant time zone.

6) Content - add the content sources for your paper either but adding sources from additional searches or by using ‘drag and drop’ from content sources.

  • Your Selected SourcesA list of all the content sources that is associated with your paper. You can deleted items or filter the content further by specifying keywords to include or exclude.
  • Content language - select the language for content that will be displayed in your paper.
  • Paper sections: Select which sections in your paper like images, videos, trending hashtags and categories you would like to be added to your paper.

Click on the Fetch new content button once you have made the changes and then click the green confirm button. 

7) Layout and appearance

Look and feel –
this menu is pretty self-explanatory in that it offers you the options to change the appearance of your paper.

Layout widgets – allows you to enable certain widgets to be displayed in your paper.

Twitter widget - set up and enable the Twitter timeline widget, first logon to your Twitter account and settings section you will notice a widgets option.

Click on Create new button.

Amend the options as required in the next screen and then click Create widget.

Finally copy and paste the HTML embed code into the Twitter widget section in your paper (ensure Twitter widget is on). Save to finish.

Other widgets – switch on additional widgets for Email me widget, Facebook commenting widget and Display share widget.

8) Promotion and emails

  • Newsletter option – switch this option on to allow email newsletters to be sent to subscribers.
  • Social channels – link other accounts like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to your paper.
  • Headlines widget - generate HTML codes of paper headlines that you can embed in a blog or website.
  • Nomad widget: generate HTML codes of paper news that you can embed in a blog or website.

9) Stats - This is useful feature that provides statistics on the number followers, total views and number of embeds on blogs and sites your paper has had.

10) Change account settings – to make amendments to account picture, account name, profile description and edit email notification settings click the Menu button on the top left hand side and then clicking the Account settings option.

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