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Moxtra the tool for group collaboration

Moxtra the tool for group collaboration
Moxtra essentially offers users a secure multimedia collaboration binder to organise content on your desktop or mobile device. With features such as online chat and conferencing Moxtra offers a complete package for teams to carry out meetings about documents entirely within the app.

Users can access Moxtra on a range of devices whether it is mobile, tablet or desktop the service can also be accessed via any browser.
With Moxtra’s commenting and annotation (including voice) tools you can add comments to pages with real time updates and notifications.

Binder - is a place to keep all related multi-media content and conversations together. Users can create a binder for each topic, and share the binders with others working on the same topic. The Binder allows users to store files, chats and to-lists within each binder that can be easily accessible.

The Binder tool facilitates a workspace for teams to work collaboratively utilising Moxtra’s messaging, multimedia annotations, meetings, and task management features. The Binders also allow teams communicate, share content, arrange meetings, and tasks in one place; instantly searchable, shareable, and actionable.
Moxtra Team Binder capabilities include:
- Visual content management
- Rich visual and verbal content annotations
- Powerful text, voice, and multimedia group chat
- Online meetings
- Task management

Within a Binder there are options to share content with team members including the ability to assign roles as viewers or editors.
Moxtra allows users to pull in data from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Evernote into a Binder.


The chat tool allows team members to have conversations with one or more team members similar to how you would use any instant messaging app. Chat can take place either inside or outside the Binder. The chat function allows users to share documents, pictures, audio and videos. Teams can use the chat conversations for future reference for any decisions made or topics covered.

Meet allows users to arrange ad hoc or scheduled real-time meetings to view and discuss documents to make annotations together online or using the mobile app. One useful feature of Meet is that the convener of the Meet can share their screen, or hand over the responsibility of chairing the Meet to another participant, in real time. With the Meet feature users can share their screen, do a presentation, communicate between participants and even record the meeting so it can be played back at a later time.


The Notes feature allows for small audio or videos to be recorded and placed within the chat stream or Binder pages. They can be played back later by others, or even shared via email or YouTube, or saved to a camera roll as a video.

For those that would like to do all their work on the computer then they should consider using the desktop version of the tool offers all the same features as the app:

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