Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Feedly - RSS news reader

Feedly is a news aggregator tool for various web browsers and mobile devices. The Feedly works is that it aggregates, or gathers RSS feeds (method used by websites to disseminate information to all of its subscribers). The cleaver part of Feedly is that it has a built in aggregator which captures and organises, feeds to make it easier for the reader to absorb the latest news. So the benefit to the reader is that they no longer need to keep checking a website for new content, Feedly now collates and updates this for you so you only need to look at one place.

1. Setting up a Feedly account was fairly easy process, you are given a use a choice of Facebook, Google +, Microsoft or Twitter to sign in to create your account.

2. Once you have signed up via Feedly.com you then need to add the topics that you are interested to your RSS feed. Use the search bar to locate the desired topic, for example Moodle in the example below:

If you know the address of the website URL or its RSS feed then you can paste this directly in the search bar. Using the search is useful to locate content from a particular website, all you have to do is paste the address of the website then hit search and Feedly will check to see if the webpage has any RSS feeds. 

4. Click on the +feedly green button at the top of the page to add Moodle News feed to your RSS feed.
You then will be prompted to give the name of the feed and also if you wish to add it to a collection. You can leave the suggestions as they are or amend as required. Once you are done click the Add button.

Now you will see that Moodle News has been added to the collection titled Moodle.

5. You can alter the layout of your home page by clicking settings button at the top right hand corner.

For example if I selected Title Only view then I will only see the titles to each page like so:

6. You can then keep adding more topics to your RSS Feed and you can organise them either as a new collection or nested under an existing one. For example I have added three RSS feeds under my Moodle collection:

7. When searching for topics you will notice that Feedly will show you recommendations under Related Topics at the top of your search result. This is a great way to add relevant content sources to your topic to build up your collections. 

8. If you decide you no longer want to follow a feed simply click on the feed then click on the setting button and then select Remove.

9. The bookmark is a useful feature if you want to save something to read later. When viewing the content click the book mark icon towards the top left hand side of the page.

To locate the bookmarked articles click the Saved for Later option from the left hand side:


  1. I recently discovered PaperRater and was really impressed with how it works. Plus it is very easy to use.

    1. Hi
      Thanks for sharing.
      Funnily enough I only posted a blog about PaperRater on Monday this week. You can read about it here - http://soasble.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/paperrater-simple-and-free-content.html