Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Share files and folders to work collaboratively with Google Docs and Drive

Recently I have been getting a lot of queries on how to use Google Docs to share files and folder, so I thought it would be useful to create dedicate this week's blog to give you all a quick guide on this.
Using Google Docs and Drive you can share a file or folder with someone to allow them to view, edit, or comment on it and see the changes happen almost instantly so everyone can work on the most current page. There are a number of ways that you can share a file either via Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, through a link or email attachment.

Share a file or folder

You can share a file or folder using Google Drive or in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides home screens.
1. Once you have logged into your SOAS email account click icon

2. Then click the Calendar option from the menu.

3. Click the New button and then File Upload

4. Locate the file you wish to upload and then click the Open button.

5. Once the file has uploaded successfully it will appear in your Drive.

A notification will also appear in the bottom right hand side when the file has been uploaded:

6. You can either click on the Share link in the above notification or click the file from your Drive files. Once you click the file you will see options available for that file. Click the icon  to share.

7. From the Share with others window enter the email(s) for the people you wish to share the file or folder with. If the person(s) already exist in your contacts you can search for them by typing them into the box. 

Next select the type of access you wish to give to the users by clicking the Can edit button:
Can edit - This is the default setting where users can edit the file or folder and share it with others
Can comment - Users can only view and add comments to the file or folder, but can’t edit itCan view - Users can only view the file or folder but can’t edit or comment on it

Once you have added the people you wish to share the file and added any comments click the Send button. The user(s) will then receive an email letting them know you have shared the file/folder with them.

If you want to share multiple files at once, add the files to a folder in Drive and then share the entire folder with the people you want to see the files.

8. To share a link to the file is to click on Get shareable link from the Share with others window. A link will then be available for you to copy and share.

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