Tuesday, 25 November 2014

ATbar - Accessibility block

The accessibility block allows the user to change the look and feel of the course page to increase and decrease font sizes, have text read aloud, use coloured overlays, readability and a dictionary to aid reading. Spell check and try word prediction when writing.

It is designed for those who may not have their assistive technologies to hand and need a quick way of accessing text on the screen with magnification and/or text to speech etc. It can help those with low vision, dyslexia, other reading difficulties as well as those who may wish to just reduce the glare of black text on bright white backgrounds. It is not designed for regular screen reader users who need their assistive technology to access the computer as well as their browser.

At SOAS we have added the accessibility block to appear on the right hand side of all our Moodle courses to improve accessibility.

This is how the accessibility block appears within Moodle:

If the user clicks on the Launch ATbar then the following set of options appear at the top of their internet browser:

 Fix the web plug-in
Allows users to report accessibility issues with a website. Volunteers then take these issues forward with website owners to encourage improvements.
Allows the user to increase or decrease the size of text
Allows users to change the font and line spacing changes of the text.
 Spell Checker
Whilst writing in a plain text form suggestions are shown to the user below the text-area after a pause. Please note that this may not work with rich-text editors that already have spell checkers.
Users can highlight a word in the web page and a definition from Wiktionary will appear.
A user can have a highlighted text read aloud. Please note that large pages may require a user to select smaller portions of text at a time.
Is a service that converts the page into text only to reduce the 'clutter' to make it easier for the user to read the content.
 Word prediction
Works with most plain text edit forms. Simply select the menu button and begin typing, then allow a second for the word list to appear after the first few letters. It allows users to finish the word or choose another. It can help with spelling, word finding and may even speed typing. 
Allows the user to change look and feel of the ATbar toolbar, change the web page colours – background, text and links or choose pre-made page styles.
Provides a colour tint over the entire webpage. You will see a choice of colours – cream, pink, pale blue and pale green. These buttons toggle the colour overlay on and off. 

Restores the webpage back to its original style.
 Exits the ATbar

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